About David Ulmer

From my base in the Midwest, I have photographed people and their endeavors all over the world for over 25 years.   College presidents and movers and shakers to farmers standing in their fields as well as plenty of ordinary joes have posed for my cameras.  My work appears in numerous books, magazines, art catalogues, trade publications and textbooks.  In addition, I was one of 100 photographers who participated in a one day shoot of America for the book, Country/USA.  A photo from that project traveled in a US Information Agency show.
I think that the photos in this collection speak for themselves.  What this bio doesn’t tell you though is who I am.  I didn’t study photography in college.  I had the true liberal arts education with a heavy dose of natural science coupled with a major in History.  What I discovered after getting my degree was that photography gave me entre into everything that I had studied in school.  Photography scratches my itch as a History student to document the world around me.  The diverted scientist comes out in natural history stories.  
By using a strong sense of light and graphic composition, I create images that allow you to experience the world with me. I hope you enjoy the ride.